05 December 2023


Join us for an exclusive interview featuring Renee Ploegmakers, the visionary Creative Director behind ILFARI.

In this captivating interview, she’ll unveil the artistic inspiration and design ethos driving the brand’s most recent creation, the Celeste collection.

Renee takes us on a journey through the creative process, the essence of Celeste’s design, and the innovative concepts that define ILFARI’s innovative approach to decorative lighting.

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How did the concept for the Celeste collection come about, and what inspired you during the design process?

The inspiration stems from the captivating beauty of nature’s organic forms, particularly the graceful shapes of raindrops and celestial elements. The design process was inspired by the fluidity and elegance found in these natural shapes. I aimed to capture the essence of these elements in this lighting collection. The play of light and form in nature, especially the delicate, organic forms like raindrops, served as a guiding influence throughout the design journey, resulting in the creation of the stunning “Celeste” collection.


As the Creative Director of ILFARI, what unique elements or features have you incorporated into the Celeste collection that sets it apart from previous designs?

The incorporation of intricate organic shapes and details in the metalwork is what distinguishes this design from our previous designs. While we maintained ILFARI’s signature robust yet refined metalwork and craftsmanship, we also introduced a unique interplay of organic forms within the fixtures, setting them apart.

The Celeste collection stands out through the incorporation of intricate organic shapes and details in the metalwork, distinguishing it from our previous designs. While maintaining ILFARI’s signature robust yet refined metalwork and craftsmanship, Celeste introduces a unique interplay of organic forms within the fixtures, setting it apart. The Celeste collection merges our expertise and mesmerising finishes with nature-inspired design, featuring frosted glass LEDs for a beautifully soft, detailed lighting experience.


Could you share any challenges you faced while designing the Celeste collection and how you overcame them to achieve the final result?

There have been several challenges that required creative solutions to achieve the final result. One of these challenges was striking a well-balanced design that allowed us to create captivating organic shapes with consistent dimensions, that incapsulated a uniform overall look and feel, and a high standard of luxury. The organic shapes in the collection needed to be distinct with each creation yet maintain their intended aesthetic.

Our team leveraged advanced design and manufacturing technologies to ensure precision and consistency. We prototyped and tested extensively to conduct organic shapes that remained true to our creative vision.

Ultimately, by combining innovative design processes with rigorous quality control and craftsmanship, we were able to overcome these challenges and deliver the Celeste collection, which captures the essence of organic shapes while upholding the standards of consistency, quality, and luxury that ILFARI is known for.


The Celeste collection seems to exude a certain aesthetic. Can you describe the theme or mood you aimed to capture with this collection, and why it’s significant to you?

The Celeste collection stands for bringing nature’s serene beauty into your space. Inspired by delicate elements like raindrops and celestial shapes, each piece aims to create a tranquil, almost magical atmosphere. We wanted to go beyond just lighting and offer an experience that feels both calming and extraordinary.

For us, it’s about celebrating the beauty found in nature’s organic shapes. It’s not just about design; it’s a tribute to the breathtaking wonders of the natural world, meant to elevate any room it’s in.


Since working at ILFARI at the start of 2019, how has your creative vision evolved, and how does the Celeste collection reflect this evolution?

Since the beginning of my journey at ILFARI in early 2019, my creative vision has taken quite a journey. It’s been all about pushing for more—more quality, luxury, and refined designs that spark conversation.

This evolution is evident in the Celeste collection. We’ve moved towards crafting pieces that demand even more craftsmanship and exude luxury in a peaceful, balanced way.

Celeste captures this change beautifully, with its intricate details, organic shapes, and a meticulous touch in every piece. Each fixture isn’t just about looks; it’s a work of art, showcasing skill and creativity.

Celeste is more than a collection; it’s a testament to ILFARI’s evolution. It shows our dedication to breaking design boundaries, focusing on craftsmanship, and creating pieces that go beyond just being functional—they’re statements of art and elegance.


Are there specific materials or techniques used in the Celeste collection that you find particularly innovative or noteworthy?

The Celeste collection is a testament to our commitment to innovation, particularly in the way we work with materials and techniques to craft organic shapes and detailed metalwork that achieve just the right lighting effects.

Our focus on advanced metalworking techniques allows us to intricately detail these organic shapes with precision, maintaining the luxurious feel of each design. It’s not just about maintaining the shapes; it’s about elevating the entire collection’s quality and refinement.

We’ve taken great care in placing and concealing LEDs within the fixtures to create a captivating and diffused light effect. This meticulous approach ensures that the lighting enhances the organic shapes while meeting our high standards of quality.

Balancing the light effect without compromising on craftsmanship was crucial. It took precise engineering to ensure that the lighting complements these organic shapes, enhancing the overall aesthetic while upholding the standard of luxury that defines ILFARI’s work.


In what ways do you hope the Celeste collection will resonate with ILFARI’s audience and the broader design community?

The Celeste collection holds a deep purpose for both our devoted audience and the larger design community. It’s not just about creating stunning pieces; it’s about pushing the boundaries of design and craftsmanship while forging emotional connections with those who appreciate innovation and artistry.

For our audience, Celeste signifies our ongoing commitment to quality, luxury, and refinement. Each meticulously crafted piece, from the organic shapes to the innovative LED integration and intricate metalwork, aims to captivate by telling a story of artistry and elegance, not just illuminating spaces but resonating with those who value exceptional design.

In the wider design realm, Celeste serves as a conversation starter. By merging nature-inspired shapes with cutting-edge techniques, we hope to inspire discussions among designers, architects, and industry professionals. It’s about sparking dialogue about the union of organic beauty, technical innovation, and craftsmanship, contributing to the evolving landscape of design.


Collaboration often plays a crucial role in creative projects. Can you tell us about any collaborations or inspirations from others that influenced the Celeste collection?

The Celeste collection is a product of collective inspiration from various sources, although it wasn’t directly tied to a specific collaboration. Instead, it was molded by interactions with artisans, engineers, and designers, both within and beyond the ILFARI team.

Our artisans and engineers brought invaluable expertise, refining metalworking techniques, LED integration, and overall craftsmanship. Collaborating within our team allowed us to explore innovative methods that met our standards for Celeste’s vision, ensuring the organic shapes and lighting effects were top-notch.

External inspirations, like nature’s organic forms and advancements in lighting tech, were key influences. We drew inspiration from observing these natural shapes and how light interacts with them. Collaborations with lighting experts and exploring cutting-edge tech also played a role in shaping the techniques used in the Celeste collection.

While there wasn’t a specific external partnership, the combined influence of collaborations within ILFARI and inspirations from nature, art, and technology profoundly shaped both the concept and execution of the Celeste collection.


As a designer, how do you balance staying true to ILFARI’s design heritage while introducing fresh and contemporary elements, as seen in the Celeste collection?

As a designer and the Creative Director at ILFARI, I find the challenge of maintaining our brand’s design legacy while infusing modern touches, exemplified in the Celeste collection, incredibly thrilling yet delicate.

Preserving ILFARI’s design legacy involves honoring the brand’s foundational values: quality, luxury, and meticulous craftsmanship. We stay true to these principles by maintaining our signature robust yet refined metalwork, obsessing over details, incorporating mesmerizing glass or crystals, and ensuring our pieces spark conversation.

Yet, evolving while respecting our heritage is crucial. The Celeste collection strikes this balance by embracing organic shapes inspired by nature and adopting innovative LED integration and metalworking techniques. These additions inject a contemporary flair without straying from ILFARI’s essence.

We stay ahead by keeping an eye on trends, embracing technology, and seeking inspiration from diverse sources. The Celeste collection, with its fresh shapes and inventive lighting, remains deeply rooted in ILFARI’s values, blending tradition with innovation. This fusion lets us pay homage to our design heritage while pushing boundaries in contemporary design.


Looking ahead, what can we expect from ILFARI and your design direction in future collections after the success of the Celeste collection?

Looking forward, following the triumph of the Celeste collection, ILFARI is geared up to elevate the realm of design and craftsmanship even further. Our forthcoming collections will stay rooted in our established design principles of quality, luxury, and meticulous attention to detail while embracing craftsmanship in innovative ways.

While I can’t spill the beans on specifics about our upcoming designs, I can assure you that we’re committed to crafting conversation starters. These pieces won’t just elevate spaces; they’ll challenge the norms of lighting and interior design. We’re delving into new concepts and unconventional approaches, aiming to surprise and inspire our audience.

Collaboration takes center stage in our plans. We’re excited about partnering with external designers and experts, creating a melting pot of creativity that will shape our future collections. These collaborations will infuse fresh perspectives and diverse influences into our creations, adding layers of ingenuity while staying faithful to ILFARI’s core values.

The essence of “Imagine more” remains at the heart of our design philosophy, fueling our exploration of custom possibilities and inspiring us to chart new territories in lighting design. This forward-looking mindset will shine through in our upcoming collections, captivating our audience with innovative, thought-provoking, and impeccably crafted pieces that transcend mere functionality. Each creation invites individuals to experience the artistry and boundless imagination behind it.


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