Together with architects and designers we love to create the most beautiful projects, with our design lighting in the leading role.

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“The transformative power of artistic expression.”

Each element intrigues in its unique way, enhancing the space's allure.

Within this exquisite home adorned with high-profile art, fixtures seamlessly blend to complement the aesthetic without overshadowing the focal points.

“United efforts create waves of impact.”

A wonderful custom hospitality project, in collaboration with Aebele Interiors.

A captivating chapter in our journey - the exquisite Ballroom H105 special destined to illuminate a space within the dynamic Gamestate in Antwerp. There's an indescribable joy in witnessing our diligently crafted projects illuminate spaces with such splendor. It's a testament to our passion for custom challenges.

That wat gives a space its atmosphere, is balance.

The Infinity collection knows many varieties. This allows for the collection to be broadly applicable, in order to suit all kinds of spaces. This linear design from the Infinity collection is a true eye-catcher, adding a wonderful ambience to the dining area of this luxury villa.

Project by Blackshaw Group

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”

Elevate your surroundings with these radiant designs.

A design that can easily blend into an interior without becoming totally unremarkable can provide the right touch to a certain project.

Project by Jolanda Vogels

"Grandeur and modernity"

a stunning villa that showcases the beauty of modern luxury.

The spaces seamlessly blend grandeur and modernity, featuring gracefully curved staircases, colossal high ceilings, and an abundance of natural light.

Featured: Sky Cycles, Ice Fall, Sexy Crystals, Frozen Eyes

Creativity is a celebration of one's grandeur, one's sense of making anything possible.

This beautiful project in the Netherlands exudes grandeur.

A combination of different textures and the repetition of existing features provides a balanced ensemble. The combination of warm shades provides a welcoming atmosphere, where design remains detectable in every aspect.

Project by Delta House

Simplicity is natures first step, and the last of art.

In this beautiful private residency in the Netherlands, the combination of the robust wood and outspoken lighting pieces of ILFARI, create a dazzling spectacle. A composition of structures, shapes and warm colours creates a breathtaking outcome.

Project by van de Ven Architekten

“Luxury is when it seems flawless, when you reach the right balance between all elements"

In this mesmerizing private home, several eye-catchers from ILFARI have been used to create the right balance in every room.

A balance between colors, shapes and structures.

Featured: Sexy Crystals, Infinity, Embrace, Tears From Moon and Reflexx collection.

'Understated grandeur, light and sight in the leading role.'

Spacious but not overdone, luxurious but not gaudy. Tailor-made fixtures for this rural villa in the Netherlands. The Sexy Crystals connect the two floors in this house with its elegant, challenging and playful character. The Ballroom illuminates the living room in a subtle way.

Featured: Sexy Crystals and Ballroom collection.
Interior design by Abitare Design for Living, The Art of Living, Photographer Jurrit van der Waal

ILF HDR scaled
ILF HDR scaled

'Different brass collections.'

In this private residence modern and luxurious design is combined with rustic architecture to create a welcoming yet astonishing atmosphere.

The synergy of the two different brass collections is dazzling and invites you to enter the next room.

Featured: Tears from Moon, Infinity and Sky Cycles collection.
Interior design by Gerthuis Interior & Furniture.

ILF HDR scaled

'Countless possibilities.'

Let the necessary speak and the right balance will be created. Customized modern collections in a private residence in The Netherlands.

Featured: Eye in the Sky and Stream collection.
Interior design by Aukje Koolen.

'Illuminate the night'

This beautiful composition of the Stream model combined with the Sexy Crystals creates a breathtaking balance in this private residence.

A fusion of straight and sleek lines as well as delicate crystals.

Featured: Stream H7, Sexy Crystals H6

 mei  C scaled
 mei   scaled

'Style never speaks, but somehow is always saying something.'

 mei   scaled

Unity and character were the foundation for the interior design of this private residence.

By creating synergy with our chic, refined and yet eccentric collections, we contributed significantly in achieving an outspoken interior design.

Featured: Chill Out, Sky Cycles, Elements of Love and Sexy Crystals collection.

'A bespoke chandelier.'

A bespoke chandelier, based on our Infinity collection. Specially designed for the entrance of an exclusive restaurant in Belgium. Imagine more.

Featured: Bespoke Infinity chandelier.

DSC  DSC scaled

'Dazzling appearance in a spectacular home.'

A beautiful Sexy Crystals on entry creates a dazzling first impression of this spectacular home. The Stream wall lights complement the modern touch of this interior design.

Featured: Sexy Crystals and Stream collections.
Interior design by Status Living. Published in The Art of Living, photographer Peter Baas & Jaro van Meerten.

DSF scaled