Expressive designs combined with high-end European materials are the foundation of the collection. Robust yet refined metalwork with an outstanding finishing, mouth-blown glass or the finest crystals are main components of these conversation pieces. Designers with different views and backgrounds have succeeded in creating a collection that is unique, divergent and recognisable.

Tears from Moon
Eye in the Sky
Sexy Crystals
DSC Glow
Sky Cycles
Frozen Eyes
Stream H XL HDR  scaled e Stream
Ice Fall C  scaled Ice Fall
Out of Line
Gvazdikai originalus dydis  e Swinging Ballet
Reflexx H scaled e Reflexx
Loving Arms detail  scaled e Loving Arms
Night in Paris H Silver glass scaled Night in Paris
Chill Out H scaled Chill Out
Nightlife Glass scaled Nightlife
Flowers from Amsterdam H gold image scaled Flowers from Amsterdam
ILF scaled e Elements of love
Ilfari Cul    scaled e Waltz of Vienna
Sunrise scaled Sunrise
Innerbloom H  scaled Innerbloom
Opus C chrome scaled e Opus
Sweet Symphony H   scaled Sweet Symphony
Airwave C detail scaled Airwave
Sprankling Disk Verberne Wonen scaled e Sprankling
Lazy Sunday H HR Lazy Sunday
shutterstock  e Arabian Pearls