Sky Cycles.

The art of allowing the impressive presence of brilliance to be subtle.
Endless possibilities.

Sky Cycles
Private residence The Netherlands

Standard models.

Sky Cycles is a striking, yet sophisticated lighting fixture. The design consists mainly of high-end crystals, which are carefully positioned in such a manner that it will not become overpowering. It is a very minimalistic luminary, with a very calm and chic appearance. In addition, the fixture is very versatile, due to its many possibilities in design. It can be displayed in various ways, for it is a beautiful design to be displayed in a dining area, as well as an eye-catching detail for the entrance of a residence.

For over 20 years ILFARI has been combining the right lighting fixtures with mesmerizing faceted crystals, which results in the most dazzling shine in its lighting design. This design is exceptional, striking and a true eyecatcher. It is saturated with dazzling crystals, and has the ability to give a room that airy atmosphere.

Each ILFARI luminaire is handcrafted, and to be customized in various finishes, to provide the perfect addition to a room.

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