A true conversation piece that is chic, classic and yet modern. It is designed to be trendy but timeless, infinite.

Infinity H12+1
Interior design by Suzan Vromans

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The Infinity chandelier is a very beloved ILFARI item. The classic, yet contemporary appearance of this conversation piece is due to its chic and elegant design, combined with luxurious materials and perfect finishing. A golden combination.

The Infinity gets its distinctive look through the combination of robust yet refined metalwork and stunning high-quality glass elements, of which originate from Europe.

The combination of a robust design and an enchanting finish make the Infinity a true ILFARI collection. Defined by pure craftsmanship, it is full of exquisite details. The design, the shape of the glass and the mesmerising finish have all been selected and crafted with great care and affection.

Yes certainly, customisation is our expertise. We offer tailored solutions in all our collections. With almost endless possibilities in sizes and finishes you can be assured of a one-of-a-kind lighting piece that suits your interior design and its specific requirements and preferences. This also means a different composition can be made, and enlarged items or even a combination of collections is possible. It is our passion to create a conversation piece, for you.

ILFARI is a business-to-business company, working closely with interior professionals worldwide, such as Interior designers and -architects, as well as dealers. If you would require information on your nearest dealer or you would like to get in touch as interior professional, please contact us via or send a request via our website. We respond quickly to your enquiry.

In addition to our website which is full of details, and where you can request information, we have an Inspiration Book available for you. You can easily request the digital version at or download it from the collection pages on our website. The ILFARI Inspiration Book showcases our latest collections, projects and provides inspiration for customization or to add a collection item to your interior project.

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ILFARI is committed to using high-quality materials to create the most wonderful lighting fixtures. We source our materials from various craftsmen and partners from Europe, selecting them based on the specific requirements of each design. Only the finest materials, made by hand, will be included in our collection. This to ensure the most breathtaking results time with each project, whether it’s an item tailored to your needs or a standard collection fixture.

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