Eye in the Sky.

Cosmic retro shapes float through the air like a star does in space. The inspiration of geometric figures, minimalism and a touch of industrial design is combined into luxurious lighting items that are mystic yet feminine.

Eye in the Sky H3
Design by Renée Ploegmakers

Standard models.

The design of the Eye in the Sky is stylish, minimalistic and completely balanced. This luminary is a real asset for both modern and classic interiors. The oval discs are made of premium anodized aluminum, either in matt gold or matt silver. The collection includes various lighting designs, including ceiling fixtures which are customisable in layout and quantity, and gorgeous floor luminaires.

The details of the Eye in the Sky collection can hardly be captured in imagery. The frosted-glass is designed in a way the edges are also illuminated, creating a marvelous effect of another feminine shape. Moreover, the oval disk won’t create any shadows on the floor or table. It is a result of considered and sophisticated designing.

Each ILFARI luminaire is handcrafted, and to be customized in various finishes, to provide the perfect addition to a room.

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