The purpose of art has been achieved when its shapes transform a space into a sophisticated and dazzling environment.

Stream H7 XL
Private residence The Netherlands
Made by craftsmen.

Standard models.

The Stream collection is best described as a modern, elegant and pure design with beautiful features. Inspired by a flock of birds, and designed in an abstract manner. Its shapes create an excellent synergy. It is where symmetry becomes unity and creates a warm, powerful and inviting ambient that accommodates many interior designs. The Stream collection a fine piece of high-end designer lighting, and a great conversation piece. The high-end designer luminary has many possibilities with various wall fixtures, and many possibilities regarding the ceiling fixtures.

The high-grade steel, produced in Europe, provides an extraordinary appearance.
Each ILFARI luminaire is handcrafted, and to be customized in various finishes, to provide the perfect addition to a room. So is the stream collection, which has many features to perfectly complement an interior.

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