Night in Paris.

Like a skyline full of light, unique and lively, which sparks your imagination.

Night in Paris H10

Standard models.

Night in Paris is a collection based the breathtaking sight of a skyline. The shimmer in the distance.
The luminary is made of the finest Italian glass, and handmade out of one continuous piece. Therefore, every lighting fixture is individually tailored, making them unique. It is a handmade piece of art, made with the utmost precision and care by skilled craftsmen. It has a serene appearance, while granting endless points of view to discover.
The Night in Paris provides a wonderful addition to an interior design, providing a breathtaking conversation piece and an everlasting skyline to gaze upon.

Each ILFARI luminaire is handcrafted, and to be customized in various finishes, to provide the perfect addition to a room.

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