"The transformative power of artistic expression."

This exquisite home is adorned with high-profile art, and one of the client's requests was for the fixtures to harmonize with their aesthetic without detracting from the focal point of the art pieces. Nonetheless, the fixtures were permitted to evoke thought and intrigue in their own unique way.

The customised Ballroom stands out as a focal point—a subtle yet prestigious lighting fixture radiating sophistication and elegance, carefully designed not to overshadow the nearby art pieces.

"A unique opportunity for customisation."

For the loft, spanning both the bedroom and ground floor, they sought a distinctive and characteristic model. This is where the customized Sexy Crystals fixture found its ideal placement. A true piece of art.

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    Yes certainly, customisation is our expertise. We offer tailored solutions in all our collections. With almost endless possibilities in sizes and finishes you can be assured of a one-of-a-kind lighting piece that suits your interior design and its specific requirements and preferences. This also means a different composition can be made, and enlarged items or even a combination of collections is possible. It is our passion to create a conversation piece, for you.

    Absolutely. Our lighting fixtures are designed to grace both residential and commercial environments, ensuring that they add sophistication and style to homes, offices, hotels, and other spaces.

    In addition to our website which is full of details, and where you can request information, we have an Inspiration Book available for you. You can easily request the digital version at info@ilfari.com or download it from the collection pages on our website. The ILFARI Inspiration Book showcases our latest collections, projects and provides inspiration for customization or to add a collection item to your interior project.

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