"The sentiment of a time of grandeur."

This romantic villa holds a modern interpretation. The sentiment of a time of grandeur and power are evoked with gracefully curved staircases, colossal high ceilings and an abundance of natural light.

Care has been taken to match materials, allowing them to enhance each other.

The curved, modern staircase is illuminated with the Sexy Crystals collection. The customised composition of pendants brings a beautiful tranquility, providing a harmonious effect.

The beautiful dining area is illuminated by ILFARI’s fixture from the Frozen Eyes collection. With its robust base and refined crystals, it exudes a luxurious atmosphere that sparkles throughout the entire space.

"A fusion of modern Luxury"

Enhanced by the presence of the robust, yet gracious Ice fall, this space radiates a luxurious atmosphere.
The Sky Cycles is a majestic and eye-catching fixture, yet does not disrupt the harmony of this space in the slightest.

Together, they amplify the luxurious atmosphere that prevails in this beautiful villa and is perfectly in tune with the space.

Architecture, interiors and furniture by Irtiqa Hassan.