Contemporary ceiling light

Illuminate your space with a stylish contemporary ceiling light.

Upgrade your lighting with an elegant contemporary ceiling light from ILFARI. Meticulously crafted to reflect artistry, our luminaires guarantee a stunning focal point. Unveil a calming and refined atmosphere in your room while being ready to amaze with a dramatic spectacle when desired.


Handmade elegance for every room

Suitable solutions are also available for rooms with lower heights, where large pendants can be a challenge. A contemporary ceiling light from ILFARI is able to provide a magnificent atmosphere. Each and every fixture is handmade with specially selected glass, and high-quality steel. Additionally, the finish ensures an outstanding appearance.

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Our process.

Every ILFARI luminaire, either a standard item or tailored solution is born from artistic ingenuity. The process often begins with a visionary concept translated onto paper using pencils. A rapid sketch, upon closer analysis, metamorphoses into a precisely executed design, showcasing the seamless transformation from imagination to reality.

1. A visionary concept

Each ILFARI luminaire undergoes a unique production process, which commences with the customer's vision. By capturing their ideas and aspirations, we embark on creating a captivating visualization, enabling our customers to fully embrace their imagination and comprehend how the product harmonizes with their space. Once the design is mutually agreed upon, the meticulous production process commences.

2. Unique production process

Depending on the specific luminaire, a team of skilled craftsmen from various disciplines collaborates to handcraft these extraordinary products. We take pride in sourcing all our materials from Europe, ensuring that we maintain the highest standards of quality. Each luminaire undergoes careful craftsmanship and thorough inspection to achieve exquisite results.

3. Careful craftsmanship

The glass used for our luminaries is created by skilled craftsmen. From mouth blown clear glass to a smoke colour finish made by hand, each component of an ILFARI fixture is crafted with utmost care.

4. Crafted with utmost care

At our headquarters in Beek en Donk, the skilled in-house professionals meticulously produce the luminaires with great attention to detail. The fixture is than checked for a high standard of quality and finish, resulting in the beautiful composition that will eventually become a true conversation piece in a home or hospitality area.

5. Skilled in-house professionals

The luminaires are thoughtfully packaged to ensure their safety during transportation. This packaging process prepares them for a secure journey to your chosen destination.

6. Secure journey

The outcome: A luminaire that has been meticulously crafted and handled with the highest level of attention from beginning to end, offering you a lasting piece of art to appreciate over time.

7. A lasting piece of art

Discover your own style

Discover the attention to detail in ILFARI luminaires, where each curve and finish is thoughtfully considered and expertly executed. From bold statement pieces to subtle accents, ILFARI offers unparalleled beauty and individuality, illuminating your surroundings with perfection.

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