Restaurant – Saint Tropez

Posted: 19 April 2017

Very important for creating a good atmosphere in a space, is lighting. Ilfari’s Sky Cycles, where classic forms meet the modern lighting style with crystals, create an individual and almost artistic balance with the interior of famous and stunning restaurant L’Escale in Saint Tropez.

Private residence – Switzerland

Posted: 14 October 2016

Enter a living room and enjoy the experience of beautiful light. For those with an eye for what shines. In an absolutely stunning architectural modern villa Ilfari placed the Sexy Crystal model in a beautiful living room. For the kitchen we wanted to create the ultimate crystal experience by using the most beautiful crystals of the world from Swarovski. The story behind this fixture is Ilfari’s Frozen Eyes which was the base for this created waterfall of crystal. Fall in love with our creations by visiting our website.

Private residence – Saint Petersburg

Posted: 14 October 2016

Ilfari realised this project in Saint Petersburg by using the extraordinary Secret Club model. Highlights of the Secret Club model are the open spaces in the design complemented by the beautiful crystals. The model is designed by the architect specifically for this private residence. The end result is both luxurious and modern.

Private residence – Kiev

Posted: 14 October 2016

For this project we placed two Tears From Moon chandeliers with handmade glass balls in a beautiful black and white interior.

Private residence – Moscow Russia

Posted: 2 October 2014

In order of the interior architect and their client who had special requests for lighting objects, Ilfari designed and produced a set of stunning lighting ornaments with crystals. The model in the middle with the curve is over 3 mtr. long and 70cm wide and is built up complete in shining chrome.

Private residence – Holland

Posted: 3 September 2014

SEXY CRYSTALS as customized object. In the entrance of this very modern styled private residence Sexy Crystals gives a astonishing effect in the interior.

We built a special frame for mounting the fixture. In combination with the window above the sun will play with the crystals which are turned into a fantastic world of glitter and glamour.

Private residence – Ukraine

Posted: 3 September 2014

Interior architect brings fixture LINE UP into the bathroom. The combination with the modern styled fixture, crystals and mirrors give a fascinating synergy between the materials and light.

Private residence – London

Posted: 3 September 2014

This specially developed SEXY CRYSTALS in hugh dimensions is the eyecatcher in this absolutely stunning and impressive entrance of this private residence in the city of London. It gives the personification where clients are looking for. As everything in this house is stunning and impressive.

Click here for a video impression

Modern bar & dining area – Germany

Posted: 3 September 2014

Fixture MOONLIGHT PARTY gives the warm modern area an extra touch with the silver shining glasses which brings a subtile sparkling life into the interior.

Interior of restaurant / loungebar – Holland

Posted: 3 September 2014

The philosphy of Ilfari, ‘modern with classical touch’, shows that in this very trendy classical styled restaurant the modern styled glass sculpture CHILL OUT can be one with historic interiors and gives a very exclusive touch to the interior.